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How to Control Pests in Delhi
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TOPIC: How to Control Pests in Delhi
How to Control Pests in Delhi 1 Year, 1 Month ago Karma: 0
Delhi is the region which is known for its long lasting summers and the warm weather is ideal for pests. So if your home is in in Delhi you must be aware of itching bites of bedbugs or the parade of cockroaches in your kitchen. It is a condition that freaks us out but pest control in Delhi is not an easy task. To do effective pest control in Delhi you need to use the proven methods.

Here is the list of some important methods to know how to get rid of cockroaches and other pests:

Use steel wool to get rid of Mice

You must have seen those small holes around the walls and in corners of the house. Your things are most of the times displaced from their exact position or the covers or boxes. Do not worry it is your home and you can keep it the way you want to. But there is a problem that these mice chew on your important goods, to repel them cover these holes with steel wool. This wool prevent them from coming out as they are unable to cut it.

Use Natural Ingredients to Stop Ants

To hinder the path of ants spread black pepper, flour, turmeric or salt across their path. You can also draw a line with the chalk, it curb their vision hence prevent them from going ahead.

Natural Way to Cockroach Control

Cockroaches are a big worry in Delhi, they can be found in cupboard, drawers, kitchen or sometimes even in your laptop bag. To prevent them you can use some natural ways such as putting the ends of cucumber in your cupboards. You can also use Vanilla beans or pyrethrum daisies as pest repellents.

Immediately Fix the Leaks

It is a major factor towards pest control, all the pests, bugs or insects love moist, dark and warm places. Whenever you find a leakage in your home immediately fix them so that you do not create ideal spaces for them.

Store Food in Pest Free Containers

Sometimes pets enter your home from another space such as shops, malls or your neighbor’s house. To make sure that they do not spoil any important product in your pantry, keep them in pest free containers. These pest free containers are easily available in market, they prevent from creating an ideal environment for pests.
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